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Franco Vanucci Mens Loafer Velvet Slip-On Smoking Slippers Embroidered Night Club Dress Shoe Red-8 zXUfb7cBoo Franco Vanucci Mens Loafer Velvet Slip-On Smoking Slippers Embroidered Night Club Dress Shoe Red-8 zXUfb7cBoo


Seattle, WA has a population of 704,358 people with a median age of 35.5 and a median household income of $83,476 . Between 2015 and 2016 the population of Seattle, WA grew from 684,443 to 704,358 , a 2.91% increase and its median household income grew from $80,349 to $83,476 , a 3.89% increase.

The population of Seattle, WA is 64.3% White , 14.7% Asian , and 6.93% Black . 20.7% of the people in Seattle, WA speak a non-English language, and 90.5% are U.S. citizens.

The largest universities in Seattle, WA are Saucony Womens Shadow Original Sneaker Cream xZyTM
, with 13,358 graduates, Seattle University , with 2,390 graduates, and Chaco Womens Outcross Evo MJ Hiking Shoe Quito Grapefruit TQYWoVaF9
, with 1,821 graduates.

The median property value in Seattle, WA is $606,200 , and the homeownership rate is 46.1% . Most people in Seattle, WA commute by Drove Alone , and the average commute time is 25.6 minutes. The average car ownership in Seattle, WA is 2 cars per household.

Seattle, WA is a census place located in adidas Golf Mens Tour360 Boost Spiked Shoe Grey DjGWdU8wE
. It borders Bainbridge Island, WA ; AllhqFashion Womens Zipper Round Closed Toe HighHeels PU Hightop Boots White f4DmMp
; Bryn Mawr-Skyway, WA ; Carolbar Womens Zipper Fashion Vintage British Style Retro Chunky Mid Heel Short Boots Yellow N6FO72DJg
; Lake Forest Park, WA
; Delman Womens Clara Sandal Khaki iiy0c
; AllhqFashion Womens KittenHeels Solid Closed Round Toe Soft Material Zipper Boots Black 9iDYKc2XP
; Vashon, WA ; White Center, WA
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Health Safety

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In the 1960s Mennonites were reconfiguring pacifism and this does make their story during the Vietnam years unique in some ways. But the ways Mennonites were not unique also matter. When I first took Mennonite expressions of exceptionalism at face value I contributed to two problems: over-simplification of the antiwar movement and romanticization of Mennonite sub-culture.

The story of the 1960s has too often been told as one of movements for social justice that started with the highest ideals, only to come crashing down in a haze of hedonism, violence, and excess by the end of the decade. Historians have been reassessing this narrative for a long time. Moving the spotlight away from students at elite universities, 1960s activism appears more complex, involving many types of people, often lasting well into the 1970s and having a constructive impact on communities. The antiwar movement was more flexible, broad, and diverse than memory has it. Acknowledging this makes the Mennonite story less unique.

Reframing my observations also avoids romanticizing Mennonite sub-culture. American Mennonites are, after all, Americans. In the 1960s they shared many characteristics with other Americans, including support for a war against communism, distrust of the antiwar movement, and susceptibility to negative news media framing of the antiwar movement. There are times to emphasize what is unique about Mennonites, but that should not distract from the ways that Mennonites are shaped by being American.

History is a process of constant revision. Usually this means scholars revise the interpretations of other scholars. But sometimes we need to revise ourselves—and speak more openly about how and why our own interpretations shift.

Posted on Damara Womens Woven Slipsole Strappy Opentoe Sandals Pink pPYX4hLryL
by davidyneufeld

The Zurich government’s efforts to end the long-term presence of an Anabaptist minority in their territory in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries focused on the control of nonconformists’ physical mobility. The council’s anti-Anabaptist decrees, provoked in part by the movement of Hutterite missionaries in the city’s lands, obliged middling officials to collaborate in a project to segregate, enclose, or banish local dissidents from parishes across rural jurisdictions. 1 Periodically, Anabaptist community members were barred from using the commons, incarcerated, or expelled. By imposing these sanctions, Swiss Reformed authorities joined governments across early modern Europe who saw in the restriction and control of movement a means to force members of religious minorities and other marginalized groups to conform. Wolverine Mens Sightline High 7 Inch Hunting Boot Natural/Real shG2JLoSpi
Their stated objective was the restoration of subjects’ obedience and communal wholeness. The violence inherent in this approach marked the everyday lives of Anabaptists living in the region over a period of decades. The more systematic implementation of this punitive regime in the 1630s and 1640s helped to permanently eliminate an Anabaptist religious culture from Zurich’s territory.

This is a tactical idea for passive self-promotion.

Your account needs to appear consistent. Delete off-topic tweets. After a day of no replies or retweets, delete it.

A consistent twitter is resource worth following. When people see that you don’t have thousands of tweets archived, your account looks ordered.

Aim to have fewer tweets archived than your follower count. The lower you can make this ratio, the better.

Think of twitter as a showcase: Only the best stuff should be on display.

If you build a twitter account supporting Trump, you better be a huge Trump supporter. This is true if you build an account about social justice, white supremacy, sales, or art.

You don’t have to be public—two of the most authentic accounts I follow are anonymous. But you must absolutely have to live the life you build your twitter theme around.

You can’t have an account about healthy eating if you’re a fat ass. You’d have more success with fat acceptance account.

Whatever your theme is, you have to live it.

Even if you’re anonymous, your tweets will show authenticity. AmoonyFashion Womens Buckle HighHeels Cow Leather Solid Open Toe Sandals Gold dfGsVzE
because, by definition, it is impossible to fake.

“I am completely transparent in my book and twitter”

Many fresh accounts make this mistake.

They read a tweet or an article that they really like. I know they really like it because they retweet it.

The end. This level of effort is unacceptable.

Anyone can retweet what they see. To inspire engagement, you need to add value to the things you retweet. I like to quote an important line or give a glowing recommendation when I retweet.

Some tweets stand alone and simply require a retweet. I regularly quote the best line from the article before I share it. It works wonders for the article exposure. I’m always trying to help.

I almost wrote “Good bio”, but this article is about growing your twitter following.

A “good bio” is the twitter equivalent of a “nice guy.” No one likes a nice guy.

A “great bio” mentions extraordinary things about yourself. A great bio shows what makes you stand out.

Get creative, keep it within the theme, and be exceptional. Be honest and authentic.

Your bio is great if you think it’d be a great tagline for a resume or a dating profile.

Twitter is a platform that rewards writing skill. Magnum Mens Lightspeed 80 SZ Slip Resistant Work Boot Black BMFdS0

There’s a reason why so many big accounts have blogs.

It’s not because blogging gives you great content to share. That helps, but the real benefit is that it forces you to exercise your writing muscle.

As long as you are getting better, your ability to put a message in 280 characters will improve.

If you tweet high quality messages,more people will follow you.

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By Christoph Meyer

Uber and Lyft may say otherwise, but ridehailing is inching closer to personalized pricing: the ability to charge the maximum price -- known in economics as the reservation price -- but enable that to be different for every customer, for an identical good or service. Considered one of the most elusive targets of consumer economics, personalized pricing is difficult to achieve. Even airlines, which have become savvy at price discrimination ( BRUNO MARC NEW YORK Mens Classic Original Suede Leather Desert Storm Chukka Boots Tan a8eOrR
) can’t compete with ridehailers. Here’s why: Uber and Lyft have far more data points (people take many more rides than flights) and do not have price aggregators (Google Flights, Expedia, etc.) that allow price comparisons.

As ride-hailing giants collect more and more data and perfect their algorithms, they will simultaneously enhance their ability to extract as much value from each user as possible.

Until now, Uber and Lyft have focused on riders’ locations and demand (e.g. time) to vary the price it charges and to trigger surge pricing when demand is high. But these companies have the ability to go far beyond that, testing and eventually mastering the ability to price rides based on numerous other factors that could be considered indicators of a given individual’s willingness to pay. Some of these may include:

What could this look like? Imagine a young professional with a San Francisco area code who hails a vehicle from her iPhone. It’s late at night and her phone charge is down to under 10%. Since she usually takes Uber or Lyft for her job, she has a selective AmEx on file for payment. She also has a tendency to accept surge pricing, since she often travels at rush hour and can expense travel to her client. The company has found a customer that shows signs of being more inclined to pay more and can shift its price accordingly.

But how is a company able to do this? There are two reasons:

1) Ridehailers know the upper limit of your pricing comfort

Uber and Lyft have an incredibly rich dataset for each individual rider. With riders taking an average of 4 rides per month (back in 2014), these companies have built up a detailed history of each rider that will only continue to grow. Particularly on trips with same starting and ending points, they can see how much a particular rider was willing to pay in the past. Having introduced upfront pricing, companies can even test rider’s willingness to pay in real time by seeing whether riders hail the ride or close the app and try again.

2) Ridehailers can charge different prices for the same service

Uber and Lyft provide a customized and personal service to each user. By having the price offered on an individual smartphone, the company can charge different prices to each rider without other riders knowing. Even if they would know, it would likely be irrelevant: few people have identical starting and ending locations. Ridehailing can not only know the reservation price of individuals but also charge them this exact price in private.

While companies have caused outrage in the past with surge/prime-time pricing, they hold even greater power going forward. Having moved to partially mask surge pricing and continuing to collect greater amounts of data on its customers, these transportation companies have the potential to achieve one of economics/business’ holy grails: perfect price discrimination.

The results of perfect price discrimination are mixed across parties. Uber and Lyft stand to gain by increasing prices and thus revenues. Drivers also stand to gain from higher fares from riders. Riders, on the other hand, are those that will be most negatively affected. As Uber and Lyft continue to take share of the market, riders will have fewer choices and thus fewer alternatives to paying these higher fares. Regulation may ultimately be needed to provide pricing transparency to riders and ensure that people are being fairly charged for similar services.

Phone type : iPhone users Soda Women FaddyS FlatsBeige6 axXTOv
than Android users, meaning companies could charge them a higher price

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