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On the 4th of March, 1789, the day which had been fixed for commencing the operations of Government under the new Constitution, it had been ratified by the conventions chosen in each State to consider it, as follows: Delaware, December7, 1787; Pennsylvania, December12, 1787; NewJersey, December18, 1787; Georgia, January2, 1788; Connecticut, January9, 1788; Massachusetts, February6, 1788; Maryland, April28, 1788; South Carolina, May23, 1788; NewHampshire, June21, 1788; Virginia, June25, 1788; and NewYork, July26, 1788.

The President informed Congress, on the 28th of January, 1790, that NorthCarolina had ratified the Constitution November 21, 1789; and he informed Congress on the 1st of June, 1790, that RhodeIsland had ratified the Constitution May29, 1790. Vermont, in convention, ratified the Constitution January10, 1791, and was, by an act of Congress approved February18, 1791, “received and admitted into this Union as a new and entire member of the United States”. Gerry Weber Udele 03 G61503MI52100 Black PH3maou2R

The first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States (and two others, one of which failed of ratification and the other which later became the 27th amendment) were proposed to the legislatures of the several States by the First Congress on September25, 1789. The first ten amendments were ratified by the following States, and the notifications of ratification by the Governors thereof were successively communicated by the President to Congress: NewJersey, November20, 1789; Maryland, December19, 1789; NorthCarolina, December22, 1789; SouthCarolina, January19, 1790; NewHampshire, January25, 1790; Delaware, January28, 1790; NewYork, February24, 1790; Pennsylvania, March10, 1790; RhodeIsland, June7, 1790; Vermont, November3, 1791; and Virginia, December15, 1791.

Ratification was completed on December15, 1791.

The amendments were subsequently ratified by the legislatures of Massachusetts, March2, 1939; Georgia, March18, 1939; and Connecticut, April19, 1939. FitFlop Womens Flowerball Leather ToePost Flip Flop Dark Tan Nx4FT

The eleventh amendment to the Constitution of the United States was proposed to the legislatures of the several States by the Third Congress, on the 4th of March 1794; and was declared in a message from the President to Congress, dated the 8th of January, 1798, to have been ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the States. The dates of ratification were: NewYork, March 27, 1794; RhodeIsland, March31, 1794; Connecticut, May8, 1794; NewHampshire, June16, 1794; Massachusetts, June26, 1794; Vermont, between October9, 1794 and November9, 1794; Virginia, November18, 1794; Georgia, November29, 1794; Kentucky, December7, 1794; Maryland, December26, 1794; Delaware, January23, 1795; NorthCarolina, February7, 1795.

Ratification was completed on February7, 1795.

The amendment was subsequently ratified by SouthCarolina on December4, 1797. NewJersey and Pennsylvania did not take action on the amendment. amendment 11 User Documentation
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Edit Page allows a high degree of control over both the build process and the runtime environment of a project. Part of that control comes in the form of that are set independently of the project's code base but available either at build or runtime for your code to leverage. also exposes additional information to your application that way, including information like database credentials, the host or port it can use, and so forth.

Types of variables

There are four different types of variable:

All of those may be simple strings or base64-encoded JSON-serialized values. In case of name collisions, values override user-provided environment variables, which override project-level variables, which override application-provided variables. (That is, lower items in the list above take precedence.)

Project variables are defined by the user and bound to a whole project. They are available both at build time (and therefore from a build hook) and at runtime, and are the same for all environments in the project. New project variables can be added using the CLI. For example, the following command creates a project-level variable "foo" with the value "bar":

Project variables are a good place to store secret information that is needed at build time, such as credentials for a private 3rd party code repository.

By default, project variables will be available at both build time and runtime. You can suppress one or the other with the and flags, such as if you want to hide certain credentials from runtime entirely. For example, the following (silly) example will define a project variable but hide it from both build and runtime:

Naturally in practice you'll want to use only one or the other, or allow the variable to be visible in both cases.

Project variables may also be marked . That flag will mark the variable to not be readable through the UI once it is set. That makes it somewhat more private as requests through the CLI will not be able to view the variable. However, it will still be readable from within the application container like any other variable.

Environment-level variables can also be set , or using the CLI. Environment variables are bound to a specific environment or branch. An environment will also inherit variables from its parent environment, unless it has a variable defined with the same name. That allows you to define your development variables only once, and use them on all the child environments. For instance, to create an environment variable "foo" with the value "bar" on the currently checked out environment/branch, run:

Bringing the Anabaptist Past into a Digital Century

Posted on TDA Womens Ankle Strap Comfort Knot Satin Salsa Tango Ballroom Latin Modern Dance Wedding Shoes Brown75cm Heel 7XpAmg9
by davidyneufeld

In the mid-seventeenth century, Dutch Mennonites inquired with increasing persistence into reports of Swiss Reformed governments’ mistreatment of Anabaptists living in their rural territories. AmoonyFashion Womens Laceup Round Closed Toe LowHeels Imitated Suede Lowtop Boots Beige eZR1Z
In response to these expressions of concern, nonconformists in Zurich sought to provide their own testimony of what they had experienced. The primary result of this effort was Jeremias Mangold’s True Report . . . Concerning the Tribulations Which Came Upon Them , a description of the suffering of Anabaptist women and men, and their children, during a campaign of repression instigated by the city’s council in 1635. 2 “It is not possible with a few words to tell of the great tribulation and cruelty which came upon us, as well as our wives, children, the aged, the sick, those with child, and those nursing—how they dealt with us poor subjects so harshly, inhumanely, and mercilessly,” Mangold wrote. 3 Despite a recognition of the limited capacity of language to capture the breadth of their hardships, community members had contributed to a “short, simple, sure, and true account” of what had occurred. As the text revealed, the detention of Anabaptists and their separation from their children stood at the center of nonconformists’ understanding of the source of their suffering.

Detail from Jos Murer’s woodcut Der uralten wytbekannten Statt Zurych gestalt und gelaegenhait… (Zurich, 1576) depicting the Oetenbach cloister, which lay just inside the city’s walls. By the 1630s, the city’s council had converted the complex into an orphanage, workhouse, and prison and used it to incarcerate scores of Anabaptist women and men who lived in the surrounding countryside.

For a period of more than a century after the city’s reformation, Zurich’s government had sought to achieve uniformity of religious belief and practice in the territory under its control. The authorities had employed a variety of means, including social exclusion, financial penalties, and control of physical mobility, to compel Anabaptist conformity. Yet, despite the existence of a stable legal framework under which nonconformists could be prosecuted, officials had not implemented penalties systematically. Exemplary punishment of male Anabaptist leaders achieved only short-lived successes. Nonconformists continued to threaten the unity and health of the sacred society which authorities believed they had been ordained to institute and protect.

In the mid-seventeenth century, the council extended the scope of its repression. Frustrated by Anabaptists’ ongoing unwillingness to agree to their basic demand to either conform or leave, the authorities decided to incarcerate both nonconformist men and women in large numbers and to relocate their children, now separated from their parents, into Reformed households throughout the region. In the eyes of the authorities, given the failure of previous initiatives to address Anabaptists’ intransigence, this tactic was a lamentable but necessary means to achieve what they deemed a public good, the elimination of Anabaptist religious culture and the removal of nonconformists from the social body. “But as long as the Anabaptists . . . neither want to move away, nor be obedient, is not an Honorable Government compelled to take such a disobedient people into civil custody?” they asked. 4


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